Aubrey’s 7th Birthday Fiesta!


We decided to go with “The Book of Life” theme which was about The day of the Dead or El Dia De Los Muertos. I feel this theme was very close to my heart not only because we celebrated Aubrey’s 7th birthday but I was able to incorporate a piece of our families culture and that made it even more special. We still have most of our family back home in Mexico so to feel like we were able to recreate a day that is well known from our roots and culture was amazing.


Backdrop @shopoliposa, Cake@kellyssweetstreats


Cake: @kellyssweettreats, Skull couple I found at Homegoods the sombrero I bought at the Mercadito in LA and the flower crown I made on my own from Dollar Tree flowers, I bouquet that included about four, fiver flowers were only one dollar! The skull table runners are from Target.


Cupcakes @kats_sweets, seriously the best cupcakes I’ve ever had!


Their outfits were both purchased at El Mercadito in LA. Everything was surprisingly super cheap and really good material.



Day of the Dead skull and Piggy (Chuy) Apples by cakepops @popmania


Papel Picado Flags @sewfancyboutique. The cups for the center pieces, table runner and paper flowers were also purchased at El Mercadito in LA.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little piece of Aubrey’s birthday!

Counting the Days…


So Sunday finally Ayden & Bree get back from their vacation!!

I just want to share some quick pictures that my mom has sent to me since she left..

Ayden dressed up as Juan Diego at the Basilica of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.
Ayden dressed up as Juan Diego at the Basilica of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.

Coming from a mexican family we have this belief where you make a promise to a saint in return for a miracle or something you really want. It could be anything to passing a test, to curing a family member, getting a job it could be anything. Last year Ayden was very sick my mom had made a promise that if  Ayden would get well, she would dress him up as Juan Diego (a saint) and take him to The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe or also called “The Villa” and this year my mom had the privilege to do that.

Barra De Cazonez
Cazones, Veracruz

Bree in Veracruz and her cousins on the way to the Beach. If anyone knows hers you know how much she loves the ocean I mean look at her face!!


is what i’ve done a lot these past three days…

Aubrey & Ayden went on vacation with my mom (their grandma) this past friday! I was very hesitant on letting Ayden go, one because it would be the very first time he’d go on a vacation without me. Second some of you may know of the time he was hospitalized last year for about month and some days (which one day I will write about) makes things so difficult to have him away from me. I feel the need to over protect him and literally bubble wrap him so nothing can hurt him. What happen to him was very serious and at one point we thought we’d lose him. After what seemed like 100 serious conversations with my family, I gave in and let him go. For some, this is probably concerning but Ayden and Aubrey will never be in better hands than myself and second comes my family. Separating yourself from your kids can be very tough but showing them they can be independent, is what I knew I wanted to push as a parent. I might have forgotten that when Ayden came out of the hospital because I felt like I needed to do EVERYTHING for him to protect him from EVERYTHING!

ayden's first flight without mommy!
Ayden’s first flight without mommy!

Now, I am paying the price a little because he will not do anything without me being around and it’s still a struggle dropping him off at daycare, but we are taking it one day at a time and it is a learning process for both of us.

Aubrey in the other hand is a total “Live for the moment” kind of girl. She’s traveled several times without me and she loves it. I know when she grows up she’ll be the traveler of the two for now at least… My mom has been updating me and they are having the time of their lives spending time with my family in Mexico and visiting their great Grandmother which they are so privileged to have around to meet.

For now we will keep pacing around for the next to weeks and find something to do. We’ve done a whole lot of nothing and we’ve visited IKEA the past two days lol.



First Things First!


Yes, finally I decided to start my own little piece on the social media. I will try my best not to bore you with the million things that go through my head, my mommy posts, the bad grammar, and the many pictures I post of my babes and my dogs. I know some will think I am a little insane but some will relate for the simple fact that we are all little crazy or the fact that I am a mom or soon to be mom etc, anyways I hope you enjoy!