Grow through what you go through!


Life has really been testing me these past few months…you know like the times where you ask yourself,” how can I have this much bad luck?”. Is it luck? or is it meant for me? Where you question your faith and your entire existence?? haha ok maybe that’s a little to far!  I know everything happens for a reason and I’ve gone through my share of bad experiences in life and I can say I’m a pretty strong human being but sometimes you can’t help that a situation gets the best of you.  As hard as the situations have been I’ve learned to take everything as a lesson, learn from it and move on, never dwell on what is out of your control. You decide whether you are going to let it bring you down or you will walk away with your head held high as you remind yourself that you are a badass!! When my friends and I want to complain about something we use the phrase, “It’s all mental”, because technically it is! Our minds are so quick to pick our emotions for us and we don’t realize it! We are so quick to over analyze and put negative thoughts in our minds when we should be doing the opposite. We under estimate the power of our minds just like we can put negative thoughts we can put powerful thoughts back  in. I hope that if anyone ever is feeling discouraged don’t! When one door closes, many more open up.

Remember you are not what you are going through, you are not the circumstances you are in. You are what you believe you are and what you deserve, so always believe you are nothing but GREATNESS!!


Adri Castro

Just a girl with a vision…


Since the day I can remember I had a love for clothes, like any girl does right?  When I was young I would play around with my mothers heels. I would also save my allowance and when I had enough I would go to the mall and buy myself clothes or shoes. I would wash the dishes for my sister because she would pay me so she wouldn’t have to do it, ha! Pretty much I would do what I had to do to get my hands on new clothes when I had the chance.  My style has always been super chill but still love to rock a leather jacket with some super cute heels. I shop everywhere, there is not one store I really stick to. It just depends on what mood I am in but if I can compare my style, I would say its between Urban Outfitters, Zara’s and Free People. I was always the one who would be wearing something outrages or non-ordinary compared to my entire family haha

I’m very much very free spirited when it comes to the way I dress, as long I love it and most importantly comfortable I never really minded what people were going to say about my outfits or hairstyle because I tend to change that a lot as well, I’ve actually toned it down a lot haha. I’ve been doing my hair with my friend Crystal for a while now,  follow her she’s amazing!!

As you guys have noticed I’ve started an instagram page for a clothing store BxWarrick! The word Warrick actually means, strong leader who defends, it grew on me because it connected to me as a mother. As a mother I am definitely a protector and I want to be seen as a leader to my kids, I want to say all the mamas out there can relate. What I am most excited about though is that I have been working with a friend of mine in LA who works with Free People and Anthropology!!! I mean who doesn’t love right??? We’ve been working on some really cute statement pieces for fall which I should be posting within the next few weeks!! I know their clothes usually runs really pricey but my goal is to bring some really cute affordable stuff! I am going to have limited supplies at first only because I am super new to this and we want to see how things go (insert nervous laugh here) ha!

But I can’t even begin to explain how excited and nervous I am about this little project!! For any one out there who has a vision go for it!! It is scary as hell but don’t wait for the right time because WE never know when the “RIGHT” time is, just do it!!

Have faith, follow your heart!

Anyways, before this post get super long and boring please feel free to ask me anything or if you have advice or tips it’s all appreciated!

I will keep you guys updated as much as possible, thanks for all the support!


Adri Castro